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Meet The Core Team

Linda Ogilvie,
Linda OgilvieRN, NCMMT, MEC.

Linda has over thirty years of experience as a registered nurse. During which time she has developed an expertise in occupational health and a recognition of the role that soft tissue injury plays in pain. This awareness and her passion for promoting the concept of muscle health, led her to co-found Medical Massage of the Rockies in September of 2002. She is nationally certified in Medical Massage and also as a complex lymphedema therapist.

Zachary Meiu, Zachary Meiu

As co-founder of Medical Massage of the Rockies, Zachary has been a certified massage therapist since May of 2001. His background in construction, sports, and personal training brings a perspective of body awareness to Medical Massage of the Rockies. His commitment to entrepreneurship and personal development has led to the expansion of the company to multiple sites in Colorado and Delaware and to the legitimization of Medical Massage within traditional medicine.

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