About Us

Medical Massage of the Rockies, LLC is an established business patterned on a medical model of treatment for outcome based recovery of soft tissue injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident or on the job workers’ compensation accident. We have multiple locations throughout the state. All medical massage therapy is Physician, Chiropractor, Advanced Practice Nurse or Physician Assistant prescribed. We work closely with many health care providers, and tailor our treatment plan to the specific needs of each client. This specialized massage therapy can be an adjunct modality, ordered concurrent with other physical therapy treatments. Medical massage is a workers’ compensation and auto Insurance reimbursed treatment when prescribed by a health care professional.

Our therapists have advanced training skills, and are uniquely qualified to work the injured person. We handle and process all of the billing and administrative activities so you don’t have to take on this burden. Our goal is to assist in the recovery of soft tissue injuries and return our clients to a pain-free quality of life.

All therapists are state qualified and dedicated to their profession. We have multiple years of combined massage experience as well as hours and hours of continuing education coursework completed.

While most massage offices offer treatments that make you feel good temporarily, we have specific designed plans to address the underlying causes of pain. We strive to make you healthier, no matter what specific pain or injury you are currently dealing with. Because our therapists have more extensive training than the average massage therapist, they masterfully blend different techniques and styles for a truly healing experience.

Here’s what people are saying about our therapists:

  • “Initially very skeptical, but this therapy has helped me more than anything else I’ve done”
  • “Accommodating of my situation”
  • “Encouraging and affirming”
  • “Kind and professional”
  • “Knowledgeable”
  • “Phenomenal”
  • “Excellent”
  • “Best ever”

This feedback is no accident. Our therapists are carefully selected: At Medical Massage of the Rockies, LLC we have the highest standards. Only the most educated, talented and empathetic massage therapists are part of our team.

If you’ve been suffering from pain, if your full range of mobility has been impaired by an on the job or auto accident and you are looking for a better alternative. Please call us to schedule an appointment. We are confident you’ll discover that medical massage therapy is the best healthcare option to treat your pain.

To find your nearest location, give us a call (or fill out our contact form here).

Northern Colorado: 970.204.0516
Denver Metro & Southern Colorado: 888.667.5280