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What to do in an Auto Accident.


Auto Accident InsuranceMedical payments coverage(Med Pay, or MPC) As of January 1, 2009, Colorado insurers are required to offer you a minimum of $5,000 in coverage. This amount can be increased by a simple telephone call from you to your insurance carrier, this is usually a very minimal cost to you. We recommend calling to get yourself educated on the process. Depending upon the seriousness of the injuries sustained in the accident the $5,000 may or may not be enough since the new law also requires your insurer to hold the $5,000 of your medical payments coverage for 30 days to pay for trauma bills first. If this is all used for the trauma coverage than you now must take responsibility for any medical payments that you may have incurred for any therapies.

Do not be a victim to circumstance. We highly recommend taking a pro active approach to this before you may ever need it. We have seen many cases turn into nightmares for those involved in auto accidents due to the simple fact that they did not prepare in advance. Medical Payment Coverage (MPC) pays for you and your passengers' medical bills (up to your policy limits) no matter who causes the accident.

Things to consider:

May cover health insurance co-payments and deductibles.
May cover treatments excluded by health insurance.
Convenience of having your own auto insurance company pay medical bills while you work out a final settlement with an at-fault driver.
If you don't have health insurance MPC can pay for your medical bills even when you cause the accident.

Get emergency treatment if necessary.


Contact your own insurers (auto, health, other). If you believe you are not at-fault, contact the other driver's insurance company at the earliest opportunity to begin the claims process. You will be instructed on next steps.

The other person's insurer will not pay your medical bills as they arise, but you may be entitled to a final settlement once the accident investigation is complete and all your expenses are known.

Save all receipts and records of accident-related expenses.


Arrange follow-up care or non-emergency treatment, such as medical massage, chiropractic, and/or physical therapy.


Depending on your specific claim and insurance company you are either billed for treatment or it's billed to the insurance company directly.


In the case that you are responsible for paying your bills:

Submit to your auto insurance carrier if you have medical payments coverage.

Submit to your health insurer if they cover your treatment.*

We will assist you in this process


If the accident was your fault: You are done with the claims process.

~ OR ~

If the accident was the other driver's fault:*

Contact the at-fault driver's insurance company for final settlement. Be aware that others, such as medical providers, health insurers or attorneys, may be entitled to some or all of your settlement.

If the at-fault driver is uninsured, but you have uninsured motorist coverage, call your own auto insurer to discuss your final settlement.

We hope that this has been helpful with guiding you in this process, please feel free to call with any questions or concerns in regards to these steps.

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